KT's Steering Service

Since 1985, Kevin Thomas has been a pioneer in the steering business.  For over 30 years he has refined the processes and procedures to give drivers the most feel, consistency and reliability out of their steering gears and pumps.  In August of 2019 we purchased the business and moved it into our facility in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Kevin combined with the addition of Steve Fox equals over 60 years of Sprint Car, Midget and Silver Crown racing experience. 

Our rebuild services include a complete tear down, cleaning, Magnaflux Zyglo crack check inspection. Backlash adjustment, and dyno test.  Everything is built to the tightest tolerance in the industry.  We service KSE, LEE, and NBC Gears and KSE Pumps. 

Your Steering Pump should be dyno tested every 15-20 races (this is a free service for pumps we’ve built) and completely rebuilt every 25-30

Your Steering Gear should be completely rebuilt every 25-30 races or after any major front-end impact.  When sending in your steering gear we also recommend sending the pump in.  It’s always best to dyno them as a complete assembly. 


To send in your Steering Gear and/or Steering Pump.  Please include your contact information in the box and send to:


451 Johnson Lane, Suite A


(317) 858-8775