The shock specialists at CSI have spent many years developing valving combinations to improve the overall performance of your race car. We have knowledge in many different disciplines of racing.

If you doubt your shock package give us a call, we can help. The most important element in racing is driver comfort. If the driver isn’t comfortable with the car, he will never be able to give it 100 percent. We can achieve grip many different ways, the key is to achieve both driver security and grip. Any special valvings that are developed for you remain proprietary information between you and CSI. Previously we have built custom shock absorbers for the following applications: Sprint and Midget dirt and asphalt, Micro Sprints, Quarter Midgets dirt and asphalt, Stock Cars, Dirt Late Models, Dirt Modifieds, Sports Cars, Drag Cars, Hill Climb, Drag Bikes, and Indy Cars.



$65/ea  |  Twin Tube
$75/ea  |  Mono Tube
$95/ea  |  Custom

If you have a shock that is bent or leaking chances are we can get it fixed to new condition for much less than buying a new one. We service several popular brands of shocks including Afco, PRO, Penske, JRI, and more. If the rebuild is going to cost close to the value of a new shock we will call you and give an estimate before any work is completed. A standard shock rebuild will have any damaged parts replaced, seals and fresh oil installed. Once that is completed we will then dyno the shock to ensure it is within tolerance. You will always receive the dyno sheet for future reference.



$10/ea  |  Standard Dyno Analysis
$15/ea  |  Adjustable Dyno Analysis


We offer shock dyno and analysis on any brand of shock. CSI has five Roehrig and one CTW Shock Dynamometers to satisfy all your needs. It is very common for a shock to not be what it is stamped. It is vital to the performance of your car to know what you have bolted on each corner. Through our dyno analysis we can assess the condition of your shock, if it is within tolerance and give you some recommendations based on our knowledge. This is a very affordable service. Nobody should put a shock on their car that hasn’t been on a dyno.



$15/ea  |  Torsion Bar Analysis (<10)
$12/ea  |  Torsion Bar Analysis (>10)

We have dynoed over 8,000 torsion bars in the past nine years, using our Maxwell Industries torsion bar dyno. This machine is very unique, it is the only bar dyno we have seen that check both compression and rebound rate of the bar. For years torsion bar manufactures have been telling us that the bar doesn’t get softer when it goes bad, it slows down and loses rebound rate. Finally we can check those key elements. Each bar that we dyno goes through a warm up cycle and then two data analysis runs. During those two runs we can check repeatability and the rate of the bar. Each bar is then serialized and you receive the dyno sheet. It is becoming very important to know every aspect of your race car. Now you can know the exact spring rate of the bars in your car. We keep a data base of every bar we dyno for future reference.



$  /ea  |  Spring Rating

We can check the rate of most any brand and size of spring. We use a AccuForce Spring Smasher rater to complete this service. This is a very affordable service that can often be done while you wait.



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Let the experts at CSI assist you with your next suspension project. We have many years of experience at the top levels of motorsports. From design to manufacturing we can help execute your project in a professional and timely fashion. We will use our experience and technologies to put you ahead of your competition. Call us today to set up a consultation.